HR Readiness Self-Assessment


Okay let's dig deep and answer the questions honestly, it's all good, we are here to help. 


Place a check mark by the statements that you or your team have experienced in your workplace.

1. When we make job offers we establish the pay based upon how much we like the person or if they are a friend. Not based on any salary guide or market information.

2. We are small employer with less than 50 people and there is no way we can offer benefits to attract and retain our talent.

3.  I get all these emails about OSHA compliance and training...heck I don't even know what OSHA means...does it mean we can't wear sandals or need to wear PPE, whatever that is?

4.  ADAA, EEOC, DOL, APA, HIPAA, ACA, EEO-1, 5500, FLSA, FMLA...I am dizzy with acronyms...overwhelming.  

5. We never have enough talent to do the work, when we need the work done and don't have the budget for another full-time hire.  I need help with certain expertise, but not all the time! 60 hour work weeks are getting old.

6. Our employees are frustrated because the guidelines on how we manage expectations, programs and benefits in the company are unclear.  Answers change depending upon who gets the questions or they don't even know what I am talking about.

7. As soon as we hire someone they leave us, sometimes they don't even call to tell us.  We won't know of a few days since we don't have reports or a process to help us.

8. I have been here for 2 years and haven't gotten a raise, or seen a job description, and haven't had a one on one meeting with my boss for two months.  I feel unappreciated and don't see the point in working so hard if nobody cares.

9. We say there is great Culture, but morale is low, nobody smiles, or talks to each other.  I wish my company was like my friend's job across the street.  I see them having fun celebrations outside, he got a bonus for reaching his goals last month, was promoted to a supervisor earlier this year and got to attend a training program to help him be a great leader. I think my Company needs some help figuring out how to be more like the competition or even better!

10. We need better communication like Town Hall meetings where leaders share goals and overall performance of the business all the way down to my department.  I even had the opportunity to be part of a process improvement committee on how to make the business better this year and they picked my idea!  But not sure if it made a difference.

11.  I am at a dead-end job, no opportunity to promote into a new job or help out in other departments.  My work is not challenging and I think I may leave the company soon, but I really like what the Company stands for, all the great work in the community it supports, and my boss is amazing. I am torn on what to do.

12. Working from home is tough on communication and keeping up to date on news. We need a new HR management system or Intranet application that allows us to manage personal information, see our pay and benefits, get all the updated news about the company, and hear what cool things people have done. I want to receive real time feedback from my boss and be able to give "props" to my co-workers. Having immediate information at my finger tips would make me more effective and feel apart of the team.

13.  Which HR Readiness Stage is your business in?

Integrated, Strategic, Fundamental or Compliance Driven.   Provide some color around your choice, or why you may be a line score on spectrum.

Assessment Answers:  No right answers, if you checked any one of the boxes ...let's chat (                        )




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