Introspection and self awareness are valuable traits, let's see how we can apply those concepts to where your current Human Resources systems and processes are from a readiness perspective.  It is critical that HR has a seat at the big table and is integrated into the business strategy and performance goals.  Be the organization where if WE are not at the table, then our colleagues ask why not!

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[Business] HR Strategy is part of business strategy * HR Drives business decisions through people, data and insights * Systems are fully integrated and advanced * Innovative workforce solutions in talent such as gig, virtual, and and an outsourced flexible workforce that knows the business and can ramp up or down quickly * Systems, tools and technology are in place to support people *  Embraces change and thought leadership  * HR is a valued consultant and decision maker, a sought out business partner * Always invited to the big table, and if missing found

[Strategic] HR Strategy is aligned to the business strategy, but not a Driver * HR Business Partners support needs * Focus on process improvement and talent needs * Some systems integration * CORE capabilities, considering limited outsourcing for scale and efficiencies * Comfortable inviting themselves to the big table when opportunity arises

[Fundamental] HR Strategy is defined * Functional expertise which operates in a silo * Limited automation, love Excel sheets * A few SOPS,Handbook, compliant with Fed and State rules * Basic benefits, generalist, and hiring functionality

[Compliance-Driven] No Strategy * A Transactional function * Informal “Personnel” function performed by managers as they see best * Lack of HR experience in house *  Critical compliance programs in place, but opportunity to close gaps * Don't know what you don't know